by design

Square Wood
Square Circle
Square One Plus One
Square Face
Square Feet
Square Lightbulb
Square Vendome
Square Mountain
Square Circle Triangle

It's all connected. Isn't it?

Design is everywhere.
In the beautiful and the useful,
In big ideas and tiny details.
It converses without language.
It connects across mediums.
Sometimes even without one.

Design is riveting. Fascinating.
And it makes me curious.
Curiosity leads me to questions.
Questions that urge me to
observe, rip elements apart, fail,
the exciting and the
mundane, see dead-ends as
Questions that make me
seek more questions.

And while I backpack from one
question to another,
I Connect.
Collaborate. Learn. Unlearn.
But mostly learn.
I adapt. I dream.
Have fun. I live.

Design is everywhere and I am
simply curious by design.